General School Rules:

Besides, various circulations communicated from the school administration to the parents, the following are some general rules of Hermann Gmeiner School Kavre. This is mainly for safeguarding of all the students and smooth running of the institution. All the stakeholders must be abided by the rules to be a good member of this school. Any breach of the rules mentioned might result into some form of punishment ranging from a simple reminder to expulsion considering the seriousness of the offence.

1.School Hours

The School starts at 09:50 am. All the students must reach to school by 09:45 except in a pre-informed condition. The School is closed at 4.00 P.M from Sunday to Thursday and at 1: 35 on Friday. The children from Nursery class should be collected by their parents or registered guardians at 3:00 P.M.

2. School Uniform and Personal Hygiene:

All children should come to school in a neat and tidy uniform. Well- ironed dress, polished and shiny shoes is a must. The nursery kids do not have any school uniform. Boys are required to trim their hair short. For girls, decent hairdo with Pony tail or two-plaits is mandatory. Jewelries, fashionable outfits and other fashionable styles in the school are prohibited except at the day of Talent Show or Special Presentation and performance by the students. Followings are the particulars of the school uniform.
Shirt: White cotton cloth with dense bluish vertical linings
Pants: Grey/ Ash colored cotton cloth
Shoes: Normal blunt tipped, black, with or without lace
Socks: grey
Tie: Grey with the SOS logo on it
Sweater: Grey with white lines around neck, sleeves and waist


English language is highly encouraged inside the school premises and it is the means of instruction except for the Nepali Language classes and during the emergencies. However, we prefer to make our students vocal in both English and Nepali language so that they can express their ideas and emotions without hesitation.

4. Attendance and Promotion

Regular attendance is the main responsibility of both parents and students and it is an important requirement for the promotion too. At least grade C (40% achievement) and at least 90% attendance is required in order to be promoted to the next grade. In case of any
unexpected situation or sickness of the students, parents/guardians are required to report the tutors in advance. Parents/guardians are supposed to be in regular contact with the tutor of their wards to get well informed about their progress in school.

5.Tiffin and Medicines

All the students should bring home made tiffin to school. Junk food is strictly prohibited. Among them, MSG is injurious to the health of the growing children. We have trained teachers for the First Aid, so the First Aid is given to the casualties in case of emergencies in school. There is a Staff-Nurse as well who provides necessary medical service to the students. In more serious cases, the casualties will be taken to the nearby hospital and the parents/guardians will be informed about the situation as soon as possible.

6. Assignments and Homework

Regular Home-works are assigned to the students with a note about them in the homework diary. Parents are asked to check their diaries regularly and put one of their signature at the designated place of the diary page. They are asked to provide more support to complete the assignments or project works on time.

7.Library and Science Labs:

There is a separate physics lab, chemistry lab and computer lab in the school. Students are taken to these labs as per the need. Hence, students will use these facilities under the strict supervision and guidance of the concerned teachers so as to ensure the effectiveness and safety in both science lab and Computer lab. Without teacher’s permission and knowledge, no student is allowed to go to these places as it may cause accident or any unwanted situation.

8. Transportation and Parking:

The school doesn’t have its own bus so it does not provide transportation facility to the students. However, the management has coordinated the parents/guardians with the service providers for the management of transportation to their children. Parents/ guardians are supposed to manage the drop and pick up of their children to/from the school gate. No student is allowed to bring motorbikes to the school.

9. School Fees and Payment:

All the payments including the tuition fees should be made regularly by the 10th of every month through bank (Nepal Investment Bank Banepa Branch; Account No: 00505030007594). The school does not accept any cash payments in the school.

10. Forbidden Objects at school:

Students can’t bring any valuable possession and electronic gadgets such as Mobile phones, I pads, jewels to school. The school does not take any responsibilities in case of damage/ loss of these items at school.

11. School Visit:

The school encourages the guardians for frequent visit to school. They are required to register their name and purpose of visit before they enter into the school. They can meet the School Principal/ Vice Principal, tutor or the concerned subject teachers at the appointed

At Last:

All the students of Hermann Gmeiner School Kavre are the school representatives and ambassadors. They are required to learn the proper school culture and follow it wherever/whenever they are.