A school must be a center of excellence for the improvement of physical, mental, social, emotional and behavioral aspects of the children entrusted to its academic acre. Children are sent to school to be made well-equipped for survival in this world, where familiar and social values are rapidly changing. No one now can guarantee that things taught at school today will help the student for sure 20 years later. Hence, majority of the school all over the world today have started giving more emphasis on the practical aspects of social, moral and behavioral education. A child who might not be academically excellent will also become able to survive with dignity if he possess proper social manners, behaviors and orderly and disciplined life. Therefore, it has been seriously thought that children should be given social education practically by all of us in close cooperation with the PREFECT. And of course, a system should be developed at school to make our children realize the importance of discipline in every sphere of their life. Hence this small project has been carried out to assist the academic co-workers and house prefects to make students more disciplined and organized.

The main responsibilities of the School Prefect Council (SPC) will be to

  • Help maintain school discipline.

  • assist the teacher to coordinated sports and co-curricular activities; and

  • Help friends to support in taking part in all school activities with sincerity and enthusiasm.

2.Objectives of the School Prefects Council

The prefect system is not an original idea at all now. Many schools all over the world today are participating it so as to support students for better personality development through sharing of responsibility and sense of leadership and belonging. The main objective of the Prefect System are as follows:

  1. To assist the school authority and teachers in maintaining discipline among students.

  2. To assists the departments concerned in organizing and running all kinds of co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities.

  3. To motivate and inspire the students towards the attainment of high ideas and goals of the school.

  4. To train the students develop their organizing abilities.

  5. To train the students to develop their leadership qualities.

  6. To help students cultivate a sense of responsibility.

  7. Organizational Set-up of School Prefect Council

Those students who have been selected for the Prefect Council are idea with respect to discipline, good in study and participative in co-curricular activities and given an opportunity to develop themselves as future leaders. Similarly, the Head as well as Deputy Head of the students are selected on the basis of student’s representative’s voting, written test, speech delivery and of course through the interview.

The student of Prefect Council has been formed and represented as follows:

  1. Pastoral Care Coordinators (2)

  2. Teacher Advisors (3)

  3. Head of the Students (1)

  4. Deputy Heads of the students (2)

  5. Member students of each class (Grade 8-12: 31 in total)

Duties and responsibilities of Head, Deputy Heads and other members of Prefect Council are separately specified.

Organizational set up of School Prefect Council 2019-2020
Those students who have been selected for the prefect council are ideal with respect to discipline, good at studies and participative in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They are given an opportunity to develop themselves as future leaders. Similarly, the head as well as deputy head of the students are selected on the basis of students’ representative’s’ voting, written test, speech delivery and interview.
The student prefect council has been formed as follows:


Mr. Nareshwor Acharya

Teacher Advisors:
Mr. Umesh Chapagain

Mr. Kul Bahadur Raika Magar

Mrs. Nita Silwal

Mr. Bishnu Prasad Subedi

Prefect Council Members:
Head of the Students: Namuna paudel
Deputy Head of the Students (Academic): Nisha Paudel
Deputy Head of the students (Sports): Sports
1. Sampada kafle
2. Kajol Luplunge
3. Monika Timilsina
4. Jiya Khwanju
5. Shayena Amgai
6. Saroj DHakal
7. Sichu Yogal
8. Mamata Kharel
9. Manish Shrestha
10. Risika Giri
11. Pragati Vaidhya
12. Rekee Rajan
13. Sujal Thapa
14. Ujjwol Shrestha
15. Shristi Thapa
16. Yashish Singh Bohora
17. Prativa Dhungel
18. Namrata Acharya
19. Nimash Sainju
20. Julav Jangam
21. Susan Timilsina
22. Diamond Pradhan
23. Anu Tako
24. Ronika Bharati
25. Dhiraj Koirala
26. Nabina Thakur
27. Aayusha Subedi
28. Savyata Luitel
29. Anusthata Guvaju
30. Samigya Thapa
31. Sonima KC