Dear Prospective Students,
Congratulations to you on passing grade ten examination with very good grades!
Learning is a life –long process. It begins from birth and continues till death. Learning takes places in different ways and modes. It takes place through experience, and formal conscious effort. Through this process, one acquires new knowledge, modifies behaviors, values and performances to adapt into the changing context.
Formal education imparted by academic institutions is one of the important ways of gaining knowledge. The academic institutions strive to impart the students education based on the objectives of the curriculum. Moreover, they help them for their holistic development viz. physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and psychological along with imparting academic knowledge.

SOS Hermann  Gmeiner School Kavre is one of the best known academic institution committed to imparting quality education to the students of various social, ethnic and economic background since its establishment. As its motto “Education is for Human Perfection,” it focuses not only on academic activities but also developing students into good human beings with important qualities such as love, compassion, curiosity, cooperation, truthfulness, creative and critical thinking etc. Earthquake resistant structures, cozy furniture set up, highly qualified and experienced faculties, unlimited WIFI for instructional resources, student centered instructional techniques, a well -equipped library, and opportunity of establishing friendship with the foreign students of Europe and Australia are the salient features of this institution that
students find fascinating here. .Among numerous institutions, SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Kavre is a good option for the students in the region considering time, location, interest, its educational standard, level of recognition and affordability.

If you are seeking for any school to join in grade eleven, SOS Hermann School Kavre can be your destination. I recommend you to make a visit to the school in person once.

Wish you all the best for your successful academic career ahead.

Nareshwor Acharya